How To 4x Your Money Trading Forex With A Mechanical System | Turn $1000 to $4000

forex trading Feb 04, 2021

Over 60% of women say one of the most important traits they look for in a man is Confidence.

Why confidence? A man with confidence does everything with assurance.

Confidence in your trading system is super vital to your success. 

You let the trade decide whether you were right or wrong. 

Not having confidence in your system will have you figitating with your mouse and closing trades before they even hit your TP or SL.

If confidence is a big issue for you then the problem is caused by either:

  1. Having a shitty/incomplete trading strategy [Which 90% of traders have]
  2. Having a terrible risk management system [Which 90% of traders have]

This not only creates a lack of confidence but also invites the element of guessing into your trading which is never good. 

You might as well go to Vegas and have a great time gambling your money! Get a nice hotel and start hitting the casino baby haha

In all seriousness, if you want to build confidence as a forex trader you need to use a strategy that works and has been backtested.

Check out the trade Bayaan shared with our clients last week, with this trade he was able to 4x the money he put in this trade.

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