Advanced Trading Blueprint

Advanced Trading Blueprint is a no fluff, step by step education that will show you how to trade the financial markets successfully. It's not about getting rich quick, it's about understanding the process and the strategy even if you’ve made bad trades in the past, have no technical expertise or have very little capital to invest so you can make money on your own terms, provide for your family and never wake up in the morning worried that a trade may have gone bad overnight.

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What's Inside?

Over 150+ Customers & Increasing Each Day...

1. The Complete Course Library

The Course Library includes over 100+ videos and 25+ hours of detailed content designed to give you a complete trading system. It doesn't matter if you don't have any previous experience or knowledge.

2. The Virtual Classroom

This is where you get daily market updates, ask questions, get access to the instructor's trading journal, weekly market news, and much more.

3. Coaching Calls + Q&A 

We have a weekly Zoom call, where students get the opportunity to ask the instructor any questions and get feedback on personal analysis.

4. Weekly Market Updates

Every week, in our Virtual Classroom, we will send you a brief market update that covers a detailed outlook of all markets.

5. Get Access To Instructors Trades & Analysis

You will get live updates on the instructor's trades. Every-time he takes or manages a trade; he shares it with his analysis and explanation of his thought process.

6. Funding for a Trading Account

We're one of the few training programs that actually help you step by step, in getting a funded trading account.

The Advanced Trading Blueprint Online Course

#1. The Full Time Trader

You will discover the exact blueprint to make 6 figures a year in financial trading so you can so you can live life on your own terms, provide for your family and travel when you feel like it.

#2. Profit Patterns

You will discover the 6 most profitable trading patterns which is everything you need to know so you can predict and invest before the market is going up and book your profits before it starts to go down.

#3. Confirmation Indicators

You will discover how to be sure that the pattern is play and exactly when to get in and when to get out of a trade so you can make the maximum profit without fear of losing your money. 

#4. TTM™ Risk Management System

You will discover how a simple plug & play roadmap so your trades are safe & even if you take a loss on one bet, overall you make a profit so you can be sure to never lose your capital and get a positive return on your investments. 

The Advanced Trading Blueprint Classroom

You're not just sitting alone and watching a bunch of videos, Michael, Bayaan, the instructors and the 150+ student community is going to actively support you.

#1. Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Every week, you will get a group coaching call with Michael & Bayaan to ask questions, get feedback on your trade ideas and their latest insights on where the market is moving and the moves you can make to profit or stop loss.

#2. Trade Alerts & Market Updates

You get daily curated market updates which are posted in the student community, trade recommendations & LIVE alerts of actual trades being made by your instructors.

Behind the Scenes of The Advanced Trading Blueprint!

If you're genuinely serious, sit and go through each of the walkthroughs of the entire training platform and mastermind community you get after you become our customer.


Michael Shimeles

Michael Shimeles, has been helping individuals better their financial circumstances with TTM Education and programs like the Advanced Trading Blueprint.

Michael has been investing and trading in the markets since 2016 and took advantage of the crypto boom in 2017. Since then, he’s been able to help his mother quit her job and is now self-employed, living life on his own terms.

He’s now on mission to help everyday people achieve their financial dreams through TTM’s trading program, the Advanced Trading Blueprint. Since its inception, it’s helped its students generate a total of 1 million dollars in profits.

Bayaan Hollis

Bayaan Hollis has been trading the financial markets for close to 5 years now, but he’s love for patterns started when he was a little boy after his father taught him how to play chess. He’s story is unique as Bayaan went from homelessness, living in a tent right next to a library and working a job to have capital to trade. He now lives in a Luxurious condo in Mexico, living life in his own terms because of the freedom trading successfully gave him.

He's on missions to help other people go from beginner or struggling trader to successful and profitable trader. He’s helped hundreds of students learn the ins and outs of how to profitably trade the financial markets.

• Bayaan now trades for a proprietary trading firm

• He’s the head instructor for the Advanced Trading Blueprint program

• He’s helped our students generate more than $1,000,000 in profits

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So What Do You Get After Signing Up for the Advanced Trading Blueprint?

Advanced Trading Blueprint Online Course ($3500 Value)

This includes over 100+ videos and 25+ hours of detailed content where you will discover a clear strategy on how to predict exactly where the market is going to move, which trade to take, when to enter and exit, without taking excessive risk and getting close to blowing up your account.

Advanced Trading Blueprint Mastermind ($5000 Value)

You will get weekly group coaching calls with me and Bayan to ask questions and get feedback on your trade ideas, daily curated market updates and LIVE alerts of actual trades being done by your instructors so you're not just watching a bunch of videos, you actually have experts guiding and holding your hand at each step of the way.

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