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Students aren't just satisfied, they have real trading results.


Amanuel Yoseph

"One thing I can say is that I've learned more about trading being in this group for a short time than from working in Finance and studying for my CFA. That is an incredible statement to make but it is nonetheless true. Having a "support group" like this that bounces idea's off each other really makes a difference in being successful. This group brings all those elements together and really sets you up for success. It's up to you whether you put it in the time and effort. This group is constantly evolving with what works in the market and what doesn't, they also do a great job of updating the course on a "need-to-know" basis. This is one hell of a course and group of people determined to succeed."


Abel Abebe

This community provides incredible insight into the financial markets. It is a great combination of both beginners and experienced traders committed to bettering themselves and the people around them; Becoming a member of this group will bring tremendous value to you regardless of how much experience you have in the markets. Join and take your first steps toward financial freedom.