Tools for Traders


Are you even a trader if you don't have a tradingview account? This is where the magic happens. All your analysis will be done here.


Risk Management Calculator

Use our risk management calculator to help you calculate the risk to reward you need to use in order to be profitable.

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Position Size Calculator

Use our position size calculator to help you calculate how many lots you should enter.

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Weekly Market Livestream

We will break down the crypto, forex & stock market sharing with you potential trade setups, and at the end, answer your questions (You only need to register once).


Best Demo Account (FTMO)

If you have been trading for some time, then more than likely, you know what FTMO is. Even though it's a prop firm that provides funding, we highly recommend using their free trial account. It allows you to track your trading performance.

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Crypto Portfolio Tracker 

Use Zerion to track your crypto assets stored in a cold wallet. Zerion does not track assets stored on exchanges.

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Metamask Wallet

Use Metamask wallet to store all your crypto assets.

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